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Are you prepared for the upcoming KCET/ NEET Entrance Exam ? How you utilize this month will decide your FUTURE !!!

Enroll for Presenova’s one month Crash Course to learn from the best Faculty. Complete syllabus completion with mock exams and instant doubt clearing, ensure you are ready to Crack that Exam !


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Presenova Key Features

We offer you different courses? Yes!
But what makes us your right choice – is the competitive edge and our road map to success.

Highly Accomplished Faculty

Our Highly accomplished faculty are result oriented, rich in experience and provide quality education with hands on coaching to the students to get the desired results.

Live, Interactive Sessions

Attend Live – interactive sessions ensuring active participation and instant doubt clarification with Top Educators of the country.

Live Test & Quizzes

Weekly, Monthly, Term End Live Tests & Interactive Quizzes at the end of every chapter help us understand the topics you have mastered and ones that need revision hence bridging learning gaps if any.

Visual & Interactive Learning Modules

We believe that “Content is King”! Our highly visual and interactive learning modules ensure students stay engaged and understand concepts in depth which are a result of thorough research & updates by our Curriculum Department.

Course Progress Tracking

A feature enabling you to stay updated on your progress for each subject you learn, at any given point in time.

Study Material at your fingertips

Easy access to all materials pertaining to your academic progress, including reference content are available to students throughout their course.

  • Duration 32 week
  • Total Hours 240
  • Days/week 3
  • Tests 16
  • Class Duration 50 minutes
  • Classes/Day 3
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    SCHOOL PREP 2021-22

₹ 25,000
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  • English, India

School Prep Courses are additions or enhancements to school education. Presenova’s interactive sessions make concepts easier to grasp. Daily Live classes which give in-depth understanding to students ensure what they study is completely absorbed. While our Foundation courses focus on competitive exam based preparation, the School Prep Courses are designed for all students LEARN the concepts in accordance to their school syllabus.

School Prep Course (Grade 9)

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